The Uses Of Prosthetic Knee To Help A Person Walk Again

The Uses Of Prosthetic Knee To Help A Person Walk Again

Having our legs amputated because of accidents or health problems, is not an idea that some find it hard to accept. It makes one to be depressed since he cannot function normally again. If you welcome the idea of replacing it with a prosthetic knee, then you will feel light and normal again.

These are man made devices engineered to cater to those individuals that cannot utilize their limbs in anymore. This tool will replace the body part that was damaged or broken in order for a person to be normalize again. There are several designs for this prosthesis that will fit to any person’s age, gender, height and weight.

The replacement can either be for the entire knee joint or partial replacement if only one leg is damaged. Prior to the surgery, a doctor will first assess on the patient’s over all health in order to determine what kind of prosthetic replacement is applicable for the patient. If the patient is well enough, he is given first a medication to minimize the risk of complication.

On the actual procedure, the patient is administered an anesthesia for numbing and then the surgeon will a cut a portion near the damaged part and take out the cartilage and bone and implant the prosthesis. Once this is done, the cut is closed by stitching it and patient is monitored through the vital signs and is prescribed with pain reliever and antibiotics.

Recovery period ranges from seven to ten days and if there are no complications at all, a patient is given therapy and exercises to stabilize the patient and become acquainted with the newly installed prosthesis. However, a patient must also know that he cannot do anymore active and physically demanding activities such as jogging and running and sports that has a strong impact on his leg.

With this prosthesis becoming a by-word already in the medical world, it has not come up yet with the perfect and ideal prosthesis for the knee, since such body part is too complex and the prosthesis cannot yet serve a person to be walking smoothly and maintain the various motion in terms of kneeling, sitting and standing even if this device has been improved and developed.

But one should know about mechanical prosthesis being one of the most common type in this field and mostly used by all since it is simple, cheap and maintaining it is just easy. One of the expensive type is the computerized prosthesis, it has higher price because it enables a person to have control on a person’s gait. More so, this is suitable for person who has an active lifestyle.

We all know that prosthetic knee allows a person to use his legs once again but there was not an instance that it helps to restore the gait of an individual. However, with modern technologies, scientists and engineers will come a long way towards making the best prosthesis where once can run once again. Read more about: Prosthetic Knee

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